RIDOMUS, part of SAFE Group Contacts


Ridomus differs from competitors because it handles the waste of air conditioning equipment waste management, in a vertical way.

The Financial model adopted by the Consortium has always provided manufacturers with the certainty of contributing for the exact amount of the costs actually incurred by the Consortium for the collection and recovery of waste resulting from air conditioners.

The consumer plays also an active and sustainable part, whenever he buys an air conditioner, to which is is applied by law the echo contribution. The consumer, in fact, takes part in the reduction of environmental impact and maximization of recovery of natural resources contained in WEEE, focusing on environmental, economic and ethical sustainability.

Ridomus, thanks to its extensive knowledge of the equipments they deal with, has been the spokeperson at the Ministry. When defining the market shares, Ridomus pointed out the need to consider the different environmental impact of the different EEE.
This aspect was introduced in the Legislative Decree 49/2014.

38% motors, compressors, transformers

25% iron metals

24% non-iron precious metals

7% plastic

5% electrical components

1% other

The Ridomus CONSORTIUM MANAGES WASTE coming from:


at the Municipal Ecological areas


at the industrial and commercial activities on the whole territory

Ridomus, as all the Consortiums that are part of the SAFE group, entrusts on models of prevention and control to ensure the protection of the ecosystem and the efficient reuse of natural resources.